Expanding on the Vision

Northwood Office was established by Northwood Investors LLC – a privately-held, global real estate investment and management firm –
to provide a complete approach to fulfilling office space needs. In March 2017, Northwood Investors acquired most of the Ballantyne interests of The Bissell Companies, one of the Southeast’s most prominent developers of successful mixed-use communities.

Northwood Office’s current focus is continuing to develop Ballantyne, a 2,000-acre, mixed-use community located in the heart of south Charlotte. Several decades ago, the Bissell and Harris families envisioned an environment where a diverse population could find opportunities for housing, retail and employment – all within a 10-minute drive. Created on family farmland, the master developers invested in a strong infrastructure to ensure at its inception that Ballantyne would be a sustainable community.

Today, Ballantyne is recognized as one of the most successfully designed and executed mixed-use communities in the nation. Northwood Office is playing a pivotal role in bringing the original vision of Ballantyne to fruition, as Ballantyne connects homes, offices, hotels and recreational outlets to build a comprehensive and convenient lifestyle.

Northwood Office controls most of the 535-acre business park in the center of Ballantyne, instilling an unparalleled sense of trust among customers and the broader community. Continuing to create unprecedented opportunities for businesses to locate and grow, Northwood is elevating Ballantyne’s mission to provide a better quality of life. Check out the renewed vision for Ballantyne Reimagined, positioning the area for an even better quality of life and experience.


Our Mission

We create and sustain work environments that inspire by focusing on enhancing quality of life, productivity, flexibility and community.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Core Values

We operate with honesty and treat others fairly, consistently and with respect.

We desire to create exceptional experiences for all customers by delivering remarkable products and services.

We strive to pursue greatness in all we do.

Continuous Improvement
We take initiative to acquire new skills, build on best practices and identify opportunities with a forward-thinking mentality.

We work together to establish a better customer experience and a fun, positive workplace.


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